Both IDCTA shows are part of our USDF/USEF Shows,  BUT by entering the opportunity classes there are no membership or drug fees required.  Opportunity classes are offered at a reduced rate, as well as offering a one day stabling and one day office fee. (note: if you enter any other classes than opportunity, you are subject to regular office fees, stabling fees and USDF/USEF memberships

Use to enter the Schooling and Derby shows.

For the one day horse trial please use to enter.

Schooling Show Entry Easy as 1-2-3

  Pay by Credit Card Entries

To enter a Schooling Show, just go to to enter and pay with a credit card.  There is a small fee for this but your info is saved and you can enter other shows (even non-Silverwood shows) with ease! Detailed information on how to do each is provided below. Please note, entries must be received by closing date. For more info on entries, see our detailed Schooling show info or Schooling show Rules (buttons above)


  • If you have questions about your entry, please email email is checked several times a day and answered quickly. 
  • Late entries are accepted (with a late fee) if the schedule has not been started. This is about 12 days before the show. If the schedule is started only scratch times will be available for entry.
  • The closing date is the received date -- not the post mark date!

      Pay by Check:

Use (or you can use the form above) and you can enter and print your entry.  Even know we will receive your entry electronically, it will not be considered complete and therefore you are not guaranteed a spot in the show until payment is received. Payment must be received by closing date.


Mail your Payment and entry copy to:
Silverwood Show Secretary
PO Box 192
Camp Lake, WI 53109

       To send your dressage entry via fax (only use if you have NO internet access) :

Entries received by fax  must include a credit card number for payment.

 Please only use fax if you do not have any access to the Internet.

    Fax your entries to :

       To send your signature page and coggins please use the fax number above 
    or email dressage@silverwoodfarm .net  
    Use the SSENTRY button for the signature page.