How do I check my ride times and check-in?

Before the show

See below for times. This link is updated for each show and will be live when times are ready (you will also receive an email notice when they are ready. The web site is updated every time there is a schedule change. Ride times are often updated from the time they are first posted until the show begins, so be sure to double check either here or at the show well in advance of your scheduled ride on the show grounds.

During the show

All riders are responsible to know their ride time(s). This means:

Check the boards on show day to ensure your ride time has not changed.

The program is email to all riders and owners! It is also posted on the show grounds. there are no printed programs so print if you would like a hard copy.

During the Show management will notify riders only if there are major changes (change in Ring or more than a few minutes in time.)

How do I get my number/get checked-in


Since we make sure everyone entry is complete YOUR NUMBER WILL BE ON YOUR STALL!

Self Check-in Hours

Day Before : Your number will be on your stall!

Secretary Hours

Day Before:TEXT only 262-299-5200 (subject to change, Any changes will be posted in ride times email)

Show Days: 30 Minutes before Start -EOS

Dressage Show Need list emailed to Riders

HT missing items emailed to Riders

-Please download the list ABOVE. If you are missing any items please make sure you have them ready when you arrive. If you entry is perfect you will be able to self check-in and avoid waiting in line! You will need Acobat reader for this file. You can download Acrobat Reader for free at the link to the left. 

We are using HelloSign (electronic) you will receive an email with a link to sign. You MUST use our system. No other signature page will be accepted.

(For USEA Form-see page 2 for Signature Page)

Silverwood Dressage Ride Times/Results

Click Below

Classes Times Sent to riders and trainers.

NOTE: ALL riders are responsible for time changes!! Check boards on show day! Show will notify riders only if MAJOR changes but, the web site is updated EVERY time there is a schedule change.