We have 2 FEI trainers at Silverwood.  Each has much to offer depending on your needs and schedule.

Lisa Froehlig lisawolfie

Lisa is not only the owner of Silverwood, but an accomplished dressage rider and trainer.  She is an USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist. She is dedicated to improving each and every horse and rider.  Lisa has brought more than a few horses to FEI including several non typical breeds. Lisa Can be reached at promopony@aol.com or 262-889-4700


Susan Gerstenbergersueotto

Susan is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist as well as a USDF L judges program graduate (graduating w/ distinction). Continuing education in the form of clinics, video, and reading the literature in dressage training is important to her as part of keeping up with the  variety of approaches available for training the horse and rider. She has ridden in clinics w/ a number of clinicians including:  Bo Tibblens, Patrick Burssens, Betsy Steiner, Jules Nyssen, Lars Petersen, and Conrad Schumacher. Her focus is in placing emphasis on the position of the rider and the correctness of the aids, in order to influence the horse properly and produce the desired response.   Sue can be reached at mblpetvt@aol.com or 815-943-8829